Your Body of Water is a poetic exploration of our connections to water and how it is protected and cared for by Seattle Public Utilities and King County.

We are all bodies of water, connected to one another through the water web. Your body of water is connected to streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and tides, to toilets and faucets…to present homes, childhood homes and ancestral ones by memory, by the water cycle, by stories…

my waters remember her

left then right then left, a tiny vascular door, rotating at the wrist
opening and closing, green applause in the breeze
the sound of shimmering water clapping in the trees
even far from the riparian zone

even in death her Cottonwood soul still waves,
boisterous quiet wind rustling laughter from leaves
still stubborn, though her body is no more
than wind, air, and memory

When there were three of us, three friends,
we gathered our waters. Three Forks at the continental divide—
our blood running the way of rivers
along the banks we named our limbs, Baobab, Cottonwood
    and Willow

even far from the riparian zone
black water trickles in my veins, heads to the Gulf of Mexico



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