Poetry on Buses, one of King County’s most beloved public art programs, is back!

The poems will come to life – on the bus and online – this fall. Come to the Launch Party, a celebration of poetry and music at the Moore Theatre, on Nov 10. It’s free and all ages.

And please return to this site on Nov 10, and any (and every!) day thereafter for a year’s worth of new locally-sourced poems. A new poem each day.

Hope to see you soon!

Team Poetry on Buses

*A sample poem


In my father’s mouth, home was a gap the size
of an ocean.        It ached like a loose tooth.
My mother’s mouth?
                           a garden; a soft green dream.

To do our part, we tried swallowing both:
days full of seawater, days of produce

but we’d already
had so many blessings.

By Roberto Ascalon


The poems are in. What’s next?

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