Our thanks to those who contributed to the community poetry workshops, and to all that submitted a poem for consideration. We ♥ you!

Poems received by the submission deadline were reviewed by an esteemed panel of poets: Hamdi Abdul, Roberto Ascalon, Kathleen Flenniken, Carlynn Newhouse, Raul Sanchez, Mong Tu Tran and James West. Big thanks to each of them for sharing their eyes and hearts for many hours of review. The panel selected 365 poems for the Writing Home Collection.

All 365 poems will be showcased on this site, a new poem for each day of the year. Seriously! Each week, a new portrait of a featured poet and an audio poem will offer you an extra look and a listen.

125 of the 365 poems will also appear on select RapidRide buses or stations. Some onboard our four RapidRide Poetry Buses and others as discrete poems throughout the RapidRide fleet. The bus and station poems will offer an on-the-spot poetic experience, and also invite visits to the online collection. There’s free Wi-Fi on RapidRide buses that you can use!

Also, SAVE THE DATE for our launch party – November 10, 2014 at the Moore Theater. A celebration of the many voices who are co-creating Writing Home, this free and all-ages event promises poetry and music. We’d love to see you.



    Abulhassan, Samar. “Here.”
    Acuay, Hafidha. “I’m On My Way.”
    Adams, Avis. “Golden Maple.”
    Adams-Tres, Carlos. “Oh brother.”
    Aesquivel, Violet. “Home Remains In My Heart.”
    Akullian, Adam. “Make me a map.”
    Alarilla, Adrian. “To A Map of Manila.”
    Albrant, Linda. “Stop Start On Off.”
    Ali, Sumaya. “Hobyo.”
    Allen, Martina. “Home is Green.”
    Allington, Faith. “Dear Mom.”
    Amos, Angela. “Shifting, Sorting.”
    Anderson, Linda. “Home.”
    Anderson, Karen G. “Letter of Conjugation.”
    Apo, Shannon. “Rainy Day At The Ridge.”
    Arab, Abyan. “Leaving My Home.”
    Aste, Becky. “Sacred Place.”
    Austen, Elizabeth. “Neighbors.”
    Ayres, Heather. “oneness.”
    Bacharach, Deborah. “Our Rain.”
    Bailie, Suzanne. “Refrigerator Door.”
    Baker, Sarah. “Homing.”
    Balakrishnan, Manjula. “Across the Seas.”
    Balfour, Sunny. “On The Roam.”
    Barnett, Carol. “A Love Letter to My Home.”
    Bates, Gabrielle. “When the war is over.”
    Baugher, Janee. “Postcard from Paris.”
    Becker, Bart. “I Can’t Help It if I’m Lucky.”
    Becker, Alice. “Home Made Jazz.”
    Benson, Amy. “I keep your voice close to me like you are still here.”
    Beroiz Elizalde, Amaya. “Dulce hogar oculto.”
    Bhat, Vedika. “Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock.”
    Biddlecom, Aaron. “A Letter.”
    Bifford, Paul. “NYC.”
    Black, Matthew. “Paddle Ball.”
    Blackbird, Korvus. “Tell the Haert.”
    Bloomfield, Stuart. “New Home.”
    Blumstein, Ben. “Taking it down.”
    Bolan, Chelsea. “Union Street.”
    Bonaudi, Karen. “Enclosed find latest school photos.”
    Boudinot, Ryan. “Your Commute Sucks, So Read This.”
    Bradford, Laurestine. “line by line.”
    Brady, Steven. “Going to come back.”
    Brandt, Anna. “To You.”
    Brauning, Joy. “On the Bus.”
    Brennan, Eileen. “Beats.”
    Brickman, Sara. “Returning to Michigan’s Woods, the Author Makes a Discovery.”
    Bryant, Ekaterina. “Dear Grandma.”
    Buckminster, Steven. “A Piece of Home.”
    Bullard, Candace. “I’m Going Home.”
    Burgher, Laura. “show me the way.”
    Call, Wendy. “After Most Words Have Left Her.”
    Calvetti Michaels, Denise. “Ode to Earth.”
    Campbell, Jasmine. “My Home.”
    Campos, Kaija. “Letter Home (for my Mother).”
    Cantu, Jim. “Where is my home?”
    Cantu, Catalina. “Reflexiones en casa.”
    Cao, Cam-Quy. “Missing Home.”
    Caplow, Deborah. “My Mother Gave Them To Me.”
    Casey, Susan. “Smokehouse.”
    Ceu, Van Ro. “Memories of My Home.”
    Chang, Lucille. “The Paradise Of My Mind.”
    Charleston, Derrick. “HOME IS.”
    Chudzinski, Leszek. “I’m a Homeless Man.”
    Clear, T. “Here.”
    Clemons, Richard. “Home.”
    Cook, Jeremy. “Home.”
    Cramer, Angie. “It’s Springtime When My Baby Learns to Talk.”
    Crandall, Jeff. “The House is Great but the Yard’s a Wreck.”
    Crew, Christopher. “Though We Quarrel.”
    Cruz, Laura. “Te Escribo.”
    C, Elinor. “A safe place.”
    C, Flora. “Home.”
    Curtis, Jared. “Hills and Valleys.”
    Dahlberg, Nancy. “My Seattle.”
    Dandridge, Leshawn. “Doorway Away From Home.”
    Dang, Tram. “Home is….”
    Đặng, Quốc Trinh. “MỘT CHUYẾN VỀ QUÊ.”
    Davis, Kiana. “Kevin’s Summer.”
    Dawda, Malini. “Slums of Sanity.”
    Daynes, Beth. “The day you thought anything was possible.”
    De Nonno, April. “Around Here.”
    Delmar, Rachel. “A Brief Poem in which I [Ask You to Stay].”
    Demers, Raven J. “Yama on Ice.”
    Dickeman, Nancy. “In the Wake of Returning.”
    Dietz, Rebecca. “Dear Home.”
    Diis, Ridwa. “Hooygii.”
    Do, Khang. “Bữa cơm gia đình.”
    Dobie, Sharon. “1906.”
    Dodge, Glen. “Classic Lover.”
    Douglas, Evan. “With My Back Toward The Door.”
    Dowling, Milo. “Lost.”
    Droke, Shaaron. “The Widow’s Window.”
    Drum, Benjamin. “Now do you know where you are.”
    Duncan, Gabriella. “Throwing Friends Under Busses.”
    Dunlap, Clair. “Summer 1999.”
    Edwards, Mary. “Mostly.”
    Egal, Maryan. “She Is A Mother !”
    Eichmeyer, Anne. “Commute to Contentment.”
    Elliott, Len. “Out of Touch?”
    Ellis, Katy E. “Indoors.”
    Eremin, Vladimir. “My home.”
    Espinoza, Jose Luis. “Vida.”
    Fauerso, Neil. “Beijing.”
    Fay, Alexa. “Sights and Sounds.”
    Feiss, Caroline. “Returning to Bed.”
    Finley, Christina. “a soft breath.”
    Flor, Robert. “From My Deck.”
    Francis, Dave. “It Went Without Saying (We Might Not Return).”
    Frank, Gabriela. “Homecoming.”
    Frederick, Jessica. “Salmon.”
    Fuentes, Victor. “MI HOGAR.”
    Fuller, Carey. “To be unsheltered.”
    Gaddis, Kelle Grace. “The Way Home.”
    Gailey, Jeannine. “Whispers of Home: Redmond.”
    Galiakbarova, Nelya. “Сон о доме.”
    Galipeau, Anna. “Home Cannot Judge.”
    Gallagher, Jan. “A Seat on the Bus.”
    Ganeshan-Singh, Padmaja. “A Silent Sigh.”
    Garcia, Ana. “A mi querida tierra.”
    Garcia, Mercedes. “Mi Casa de Cañas.”
    Garofalo, Gitana. “Home.”
    Gellhorn, Jenny. “Glacier Lilies.”
    Gerhard, Delia. “Repose.”
    Gill, Michele. “Voices.”
    Gill, Kaye. “Writing My Way Home.”
    Gillepsie, Duncan. “Home is.”
    Giordano, Julia. “The Home.”
    Giron-Dolce, Nora. “Nostálgia.”
    Gomez, Art. “SOLITUDE.”
    Gonzales, Niyah. “Reflection.”
    Gonzalez, Ivan Fernando. “Señas para mi hogar.”
    Goren, Anna. “King County Correctional.”
    Gorski, John. “Photo Album.”
    Gray, Valerie. “Home.”
    Greeley, Bruce. “Home Zone.”
    Greenman, Stuart. “If You Were Awake.”
    Guthrie, Shane. “Dear Dad.”
    Handler, Shelby. “The Moon Lays In Bed With Me.”
    Hansbrough, Don. “My Shadow.”
    Harper, Beatrice. “Postmarked from the Moon.”
    Hawke, Susan. “GRAVITY.”
    Hecht, Merna. “Across Borders.”
    Heffernan, Kathy. “Standing Stones-County Cork, Ireland.”
    Helmer, Megan. “suki plays with leo.”
    Hickey, Michael. “Linda’s Home Improvement Loan.”
    Higgins, Sholonda. “Home Away From Home.”
    Higgins Leach, Yvonne. “Why I am Complete.”
    Hiraiwa, Ken. “Rapid me home.”
    Hoang, Xuan-Ha. “Inseparable.”
    Hoang Dang, Bianca. “Home.”
    Hokanson, Alicia. “November Garden.”
    Hong, Laraine. “Visiting.”
    Howard, Lita. “Home.”
    Howard, Sonja. “At my house.”
    Hubbard, Kathryn. “Angels.”
    Hudak, Courtney. “Daughter.”
    Hughes, I.S.. “My Heart, Twice Removed.”
    Hughes, Tara. “Oasis.”
    Huynh, Lai. “Quê Tôi.”
    Jackson-Nefertiti, Gloria. “What is Home?.”
    Jacobsen, Kaili. “A Forever Home.”
    Jaffe, Fredda. “fruitility.”
    Jamac, Ayaan. “Dhulkii.”
    James, Sibyl. “Letter from Grandma.”
    Jarmick, Christopher J. “Poem Owner.”
    Jarvis, Jeannette. “Handcrafted.”
    Johnson, Elisheba. “Love Comes Home.”
    Juengling, Shannon. “dear mammie.”
    Kadingo, Julie. “I am Going to the Promised Land.”
    Kankiewicz, Kim. “Untied.”
    Kelsey, Elyse. “Retrospect.”
    Khai, Hau Sian. “Where I Grew Up.”
    Kirsanov, Vladimir. “Внуку.”
    Kurlander, Jake. “Different Here.”
    Laden, Nina. “A New Home.”
    Lam, Yen. “THU GỢI NHỚ.”
    Lambert, Kathy. “Mountains to Home.”
    Landa, Rebecca. “Thin Walls.”
    Lara, Yohan. “Hogar, Dulce Hogar.”
    Larios, Julie. “Home.”
    Lasser, Jon. “Writing Home.”
    Lawry, Mercedes. “Steel.”
    Leising, Jared. “Homeopathy.”
    Levi, Bryan. “back to warm black ma-ma.”
    Levin, Carol. “Dear Mother An Angel Above Me Finally.”
    Levine, Jessica. “Biking Home.”
    Lidz, Douglas. “I Am Not Of This Place.”
    Lippman, Laura. “Home At Last.”
    Little, Lindsay. “Perdóname, Is This Home?”
    Llamas, Baudelio. “mi hogar.”
    Longearth, Minty. “Southern Exposure.”
    Loudon, Rebecca. “morning brought wetsuits draped like soft skins across the rhododendrons.”
    Luin, Cing. “A Thousand Times.”
    Luna, Fernando. “Hogar.”
    M, Shreya. “My Home.”
    Ma, Kirsten. “Homecooked.”
    Mac Liam, Marcas. “Home.”
    Mack, Rayshawna. “To you From Here.”
    MacMahon, Laura Lee. “Hard Row.”
    Manwaring, Marjorie. “Last night I watched the Eiffel Tower’s reflection.”
    Marsh, Tobin. “Sacrament.”
    Marzban, Ethan. “A Letter to Home.”
    Masson, Melanie. “Love Letter to the South.”
    Matthews, Jegan. “Sounds of Seattle.”
    Mauro, Claudia. “Occidental Park.”
    Mcelroy, Colleen J. “House Keeping.”
    Mcgrath, Jill. “India.”
    Mckey, Heather. “Going Home.”
    Mcleod, Mitch. “Coming Home.”
    Mcmichael, Barbara Lloyd. “Degrees.”
    Mcmurtery, Darcy. “The Proposal.”
    Mendoza, Alfonso. “Anidado al Corazón.”
    Merino, Maiah. “With Momma.”
    Meulen, Jane. “Home Love and Care.”
    Meyer, Marilyn. “Around the Block at Highpoint.”
    Miller, Devin. “Barnacles are my welcome mat.”
    Miller, Danielle. “Cave.”
    Miller, Zach. “Window.”
    Miller, George. “Writing Home.”
    Mittal, Meera. “Waiting.”
    Mojica, Melissa. “Mi tierra.”
    Morel, Jeanne. “At the Retirement Center, the Elevator Stalled Between Floors.”
    Morgan, Misty. “My Own.”
    Morgan, L. “I’m home.”
    Mortensen, Ian. “How to Climb a Tree.”
    Mortensen, Anna. “Front Yard.”
    Mullin, Paul. “Instant Messenger.”
    Mumin, Deqa. “Home is Broken.”
    Myhr, Elizabeth. “vow.”
    Myhrvold, Francesca. “Writing a Home.”
    Naganawa, Arlene. “South Beacon.”
    Nation, Athena. “Via di corsa.”
    Nelson, Cheryl. “Misfit.”
    Newman, Emmy. “Migration Patterns.”
    Ngo, Nhan-Kiet. “Đi Về.”
    Nguyen, Thoa. “Proud of where you are from.”
    Nguyen, Ngoc. “MẤT EM RỒI !”
    Nguyen, Tuyet. “NHỚ QUÊ NHÀ.”
    Nicholson, Maggie. “Orca Window.”
    Nintzel, Greta. “porch sitting.”
    Nizamani, Fara. “Just a House.”
    Noble, Lisa. “Thursday Nights In Burien.”
    Nofziger, Lenae. “Blossoms.”
    Oconnell, Nancy. “floatation device.”
    Oconnell, Kaitlin. “The Balance of Home.”
    O’Connor, Sean. “Missed Connections.”
    Ogle, Katharine. “Home So Small Far Away.”
    Oliver, Nikkita. “Speak and Find Your Self Home.”
    Olsen, Margaret. “on the second grade swim team, flanked by competitors.”
    Omar, Warda. “Home.”
    Ortega, Elizabeth. “burnt caramel eyes.”
    Outhouse, Jennifer. “Writing Home.”
    Pai, Shin Yu. “untitled haiku.”
    Palmer, Carl. “On This Bus.”
    Pan, D.K. “At last.”
    Pandya, Parth. “Lunch On A Lazy Summer Day.”
    Park, Brian. “Stamps are Expensive.”
    Parr, Patrick. “We.”
    Parrott, James. “#newlovenestlisting.”
    Pastrana, Leah. “Mi Vida (My Life).”
    Paul, Kathryn. “725 sf.”
    Penaloza, Michelle. “Imprint.”
    Phan, Anh. “Memories.”
    Phung, An. “Family.”
    Portzer, Karen. “Irish Morn.”
    Potter, Steve. “Anniversary.”
    Prenovost, Judith. “Earth is Our Home.”
    Pruzan, Juliet. “Cast Party.”
    Queen, Talena. “Wild Berries.”
    R, Jessica. “untitled.”
    Rackley, Jenny. “Coming Home.”
    Rackley, Julianna. “Dreamer.”
    Rage, Nuradin. “Hooygiyoow.”
    Rajasekar, Gaurav. “A right…..”
    Randall, Jhantu. “Moment for Life.”
    Rao, Uma. “Amma, Where Is My Heart?”
    Ricci, Kyle. “Momma’s Song.”
    Rice, Ann. “No Fixed Place.”
    Rich, Susan. “Missing Home.”
    Richardson, Chelsey. “Bottle Rockets.”
    Rodriguez, Andy. “My home.”
    Rojas, Monica. “Palpitaciones.”
    Rolph, Victoria. “House Key.”
    Ross, Cathy. “Whidbey.”
    Ross, Joan Stuart. “Mayan Home.”
    Rossouw, Nic. “letters home to mom in joburg.”
    Sainulabdeen, Shahani. “Monsoon memories.”
    Sanchez, Irene. “This journey.”
    Saunders, Patricia. “Seattle Bus Station, 1929.”
    Schatz Alton, Nancy. “Sustenance.”
    Schein, Michael. “Arc.”
    Schley, Monica. “Lament.”
    Schmidt, Isabel. “Coming Home.”
    Schmidt, Michael. “Letter to Seattle from Terminal Illness.”
    Sebree, Adrien Etienne. “Writing My Way Home.”
    Seid, Obsa. “My Life in My Country.”
    Shapiro, Sheryl. “Telekinesis.”
    Shepherd, Meg. “Blow Me Home.”
    Shin, Jen. “leaving.”
    Shoemaker, Laura. “Cutlass.”
    Silano, Martha. “You can’t find it.”
    Sims, Imani. “Open Hearted.”
    Sims, Marcie. “Punctuated Return.”
    Skinner, Brenda. “Morning on the Farm.”
    Smith, Janet Mclain. “Dear Quiet Fire.”
    Snyder-Camp, Megan. “[untitled].”
    Sotol, Katherine. “Before the Divorce.”
    Stalter, Hannah. “Ubiquitous.”
    Stegosaurus, Morris. “Turtle : Dove.”
    Stenberg, Naomi. “Found.”
    Sternin, Erica. “Homecoming.”
    Sturm, Susanne. “This Waltz.”
    Subedi, Prem. “My Home.”
    Swaney, A.E. “I Come Home.”
    Swartz, L. “home(unculus).”
    Talley, Mary Ellen. “You Just Can’t Find Good Help Anymore.”
    Taskey, Michael. “Transplant.”
    Taylor, Daniel. “Lost.”
    Taylor, Brandon. “Still With Me.”
    Teplick, Ann. “What We Lived For.”
    Thompson, Linda. “A Cherokee’s Garden.”
    Thorn, Rachel. “Where I Belong.”
    Tien, Vu. “Ngoại Tôi.”
    Tookey, David. “Pots of Gold.”
    Towns, Jessica. “Coming Soon.”
    Tran, Ken. “Home.”
    Tran, Lai. “Home sweet home.”
    Tran, Mong Tu. “Quê Hương.”
    Tran, Thu May. “QUÊ HƯƠNG TÔI.”
    Tyrrel, Rachel. “Uprooted.”
    Uk, Thla. “When I Was in My Country.”
    Van Leer, Revlolo. “Home.”
    Vasilevskaya, Anna. “Саммамиш.”
    Ventura, Gerie. “flying to my 808 home.”
    Victoria, Maria De Lourdes. “Somos todos y somos uno.”
    Volk, Anna. “Dear Emily.”
    Vu, Tinh. “The Place I Return To.”
    Walker, Deven. “The Pain of Leaving Home.”
    Warnke, Anthony. “No. Sno., fall.”
    Wasserman, Jeff. “Make Yourself to Home.”
    Watson, Julie. “You can never go home (but you can always be home).”
    Welch, Michael Dylan. “[none; untitled].”
    West, Miriam. “For Healing.”
    Whitlock, Nancy. “Petoskey.”
    Williams, Deborah. “My Mother’s Eyes.”
    Williams, Erin. “On a City Bus.”
    Williams, Jason. “Lest we forget.”
    Williams, Lyneisha. “My Heaven, My Home.”
    Wilson, Dinah. “Four Days to Reach Home.”
    Wolff, Lezlie. “Home Is.”
    Worseme, Mohamed. “home.”
    Wright, Carolyne. “Crossing.”
    Yamamura, Kotomi. “Where They Still Live.”
    Yewondwossen, Ankober. “Seattle Once Returned.”
    Yusuf, Hamda. “Home is Where Your Nose is.”
    Zhang, Di. “Blues.”
    Zhang, Claire. “Hold On.”
    Zorn, Greta. “Autumn.”
    Zuckerman, Seth. “Enclosures not permitted.”
    Zurbano, Maritess. “When I Have Eaten Too Many Chocolate Bunnies.”
    Zverina, Robert. “Round Trip.”
    06/21 Community Poetry Workshop Participants.” La humedad de la tierra.”